Follow Me Fridays!!!! My Wash and Go Twist-Out!!!

In all honesty I’m not sure how I want to go about doing my Follow Me Fridays posts. So, they’ll be all over the place until I figure out what I want to do with them 🙂 

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Hey everyone!

As you’ve seen I don’t have short hair and I don’t have long hair. I have that middle/transitioning length that’s really hard to style. It’s at that stage where it’s to short to be put in its own braids and look good. Or it’s too long to rock some of these adorable short hairstyles.

Finger Coils

On top of that I’m scared to put my hair in some styles because I have this huge fear of it knotting it up and I’ll have to cut it off. Like finger coils, they’re really cute. But, they just scare me.

Since starting my new regiment on March 9th, my wash and go style is a basic twist out. It’s a simple style that adds definition and body to your hair, but it’s easy to maneuver and style to your preference. I prefer to do my wash and go’s the night before, because I don’t like walking out my house with wet hair and it’s easier to style after my hair dries completely.

Wash and Go: “…a carefree style where you wash your hair with conditioner, add gel or cream to style it and then leave it to air dry or use a diffuser.”


I’ll be showing you my wash and go twist outs in pictures. In advance, I’m sorry for the quality of these pictures. I take everything with my phone and it’s beyond busted.

Twist Out Materials

The materials and ingredients I use for my wash and go twist outs are: Five sectioning clips, Silky Smooth Shea Butter, Double Prong Clips, and Aloe Vera Water ( this is a mixture of water, Aloe vera Juice, and Extra Virgin Olive oil).

Sectioning Hair

Step One: I divide my hair into four manageable sections with the sectioning clips.

Spraying my Hair

Step Two: After I divide my hair I’ll spray the exposed section with my Aloe Vera Water mixture.

Spilt Water

Oh no! I spilt water….this step gets messy so be careful and use a towel if you choose.

Shea Butter

Amount of Shea Butter

Putting in Shea Butter

Step Three: I massage in my Silky Smooth Shea Butter into the dampened section

Detangling Hair

Step Four: After massaging the Shea Butter in my hair I detangle my hair because I didn’t detangle when I was going through my washing regiment.

Putting on the clip

Clip at the end

Step Five: I divide the section into smaller sections of my choice and two strand twist that piece. Once finished I place a double prong clip at the end to add weight and stretch


Step Six: I continue the entire process until all my hair is twisted and I’ve CAREFULLY put on a silk bonnet. To make sure none of the clips at the end fall off. ( My face is huge!!!)

Hair Shedding

After finger detangling ALL of my hair, this is the all the fall out I get. Honestly that’s it…and I don’t use any combs and or brushes. 

Next Day Hair

This is my next day/day one hair. My hair is always tight after I wash and put the twists in. My hair will loosen-up during the week.

Lately I haven’t been adding the clips to the end of my hair. Instead I’ve been letting the twist-outs hang naturally and putting a du-rag on and then my silk bonnet to lay down the twists. I’ll update my wash and go process later in the week because I wash my hair later on the weekends. 🙂

I hope this helped and if you have any questions or concerns post a comment below or message me here.


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