African-American Men’s Opinion on Natural Hair.

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Women with Natural HairI was originally going to post an article about vitamins and supplements today. However, I was on Youtube and they suggested a video to me about how men, predominately African-American men, feel about natural hair. I never really gave it any thought until…maybe about four this morning. On how men viewed my natural hair, and what their opinion was on the natural curls that are now a big part of my life.

I love my hair and I didn’t go natural for anyone else but myself. I know that everyone has their own natural hair story and I love hearing them. But, I’ve become very interested in how men feel about natural hair and the “natural hair movement”. The reason why I say natural hair movement in quotations is because I’m not sure if going natural is a trend or not. Like relaxed hair, natural hair is a lot of work and maintenance to keep it healthy. But, I know a lot of women who are doing their Big Chop (BC) and I hardly consider cutting off ALL your hair a trend, movement, or fad. So, I guess it’s how you interpret the words and situation.

Good Hair PosterLike many, I’ve seen the movie Good Hair, narrated by Chris Rock, and it gives an in-depth view of what’s considered good hair, weaves and where they come from, the creamy hair crack, and the overall hair industry. Now, I don’t want to go into what is considered good hair because everyone has their own views on what type of hair is considered good. But I will say that I think the best hair is health and strong hair. Yes, I admit I’ll love to have that long beautiful natural hair like MahoganyCurls and Naptual85, I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t. But I’ll never get to that point unless I keep my hair healthy and taken care of it.

Anyways, here are a few videos I’ve seen on Youtube about men’s opinions about natural hair. I’ve posted two videos of men supporting natural hair and two videos of men who aren’t huge fans. I didn’t want to be biast on only show the positive side. I also wanted you to hear the other side of the argument.

I know this is not a Must-Know post but, I just think it’s interesting because maybe you’re like me and you’ve never given this a lot of thought. Or maybe this was a big factor in you becoming natural. Who knows…

Men & Natural Hair: How They Really Feel? Part 1 By: NaturalHairTuesdays

Men Who Like Natural Hair 

Men and Natural Hair: Part 2 By: NaturalHairTuesdays

Men Who Do Not Like/Care For/Appreciate/Prefer Natural Hair 

Natural Hair By: Sjsafety18 

Supports Natural Hair

Black Men Don’t Like Natural Hair on Black Women? Natural Hair Part 2 By: Daniggawitdatattoos 

Observation on Why Men Don’t Like Natural Hair 

I’m not into smoking. I just really love his point of view and his explanation of why black men don’t like natural hair. 

I know this is a fairly new blog and maybe hundreds of people will read this maybe no one will, who knows. But, if you do I’d love to hear what you have to say about; natural hair, how men view natural hair, your natural hair story, basically anything you have to say.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have a question, concern, or opinion please comment leave a comment below or message me here.


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Information Courtesy of NaturalHairTuesdays

Information Courtesy of Sjsafety18

Information Courtesy of Good Hair Movie 

Information Courtesy of Daniggawithdatattoos

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