Follow Me Friday! I Hate My Natural Hair!

I Hate My Natural Hair!

Ok, I don’t hate my natural curls, in fact I really love my hair. However, naturally, there are a few things I don’t like about my hair. This isn’t a complaint post because if you don’t like something there’s a simple solution….work hard to fix it.  I wanted to take this time to let you in on my flaws and what I’m doing to fix them. Hopefully this post may help someone.

Both Thinning1. I have no hair above my temples. No, I wasn’t burned chemically  or I cut my hair there. I was literally born with little to no hair above my temples. My mom has the same issue with her hair but she cut off all her hair years ago and dyes it, so you really can’t tell.

To cover my “flaws” I always wore headbands. Since I have no hair around my edges, my hair doesn’t lay down, so I always had to push it back. And I’m over it! I’m so over covering up my hair and forcing it into one style…I love my curls way to much to keep hiding them. I’ve realized that things could be a lot worse than you see my thinning hair. If you see it you see it, I don’t care anymore.

I still want strong and healthy hair in those areas. So, I went on a massive cyber  hunt on how to NATURALLY grow and thicken my hair. I found a lot of articles and Youtubers talking about the Onion Juice Treatment and how it brings back hair to the affected and applied area. I’m skeptical to try it because I don’t want my hair to become further damaged. BUT, it’s better to try then not do anything at all.

The Onion Juice Treatment, from my research, was designed for individuals who’re experiencing alopecia. I don’t have alopecia nor was I ever considered to have it. But, as I’ve stated before I was born with little to no hair around my edges. My issue is hereditary not an autoimmune disorder like alopecia (Source. Wikipedia), so I’ve decided to try the onion juice treatment to see if it’ll work .

What is the Onion Juice Treatment 

OnionsOnions contain a high amount of sulfur that’s beneficial for your hair’s growth. Sulfur can increase blood circulation, and “opens up the pores of your hair follicles that were blocked”. (Source. StyleCraze) Sulfur can be found in foods such as (Source.

  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Diary Products
  • Cabbage
  • Beef
  • Dried Beans

However, the best way to get a high dose of sulfur is to apply it directly to the affected area. That’s where the onions come. Juicing and applying the mixture on the affected area for 30 minutes twice a week can create visible hair growth in a month. It won’t be a drastic amount of growth but, it’s better than what you’ve started with. 🙂

There are so many versions of the Onion Juice mixture out there. However, there’s two I’m really excited about. Which is the original Raw Onion Juice version and the Onion and Honey Mixture version. I don’t want to make this post excessively long so I’ve placed the recipes in a different post that you can find here.

Deep Conditioner Ingredients2. My hair isn’t thick. As I said before in, my About Me sectionI lost my hair from using a product that my hair didn’t react well to. Yes, I was mad  when I lost my hair. But, almost a year later I’m ok with the situation and it will get thicker with time. I just have to take care of it. In the meantime, I’ve changed my hair care regiment to included things that promote thickening and strengthening such as castor oil, vitamins, mayonnaise, eggs, and honey for moisture and shine.

You can also style your hair to make it appear fuller. I, personally, am on learning different styles. So I can’t give you any options or tips. Sorry! 😦

3. My hair is “short”. I would love long flowing Pocahontas hair. But that’s not going to happen unless I care for and maintain my hair. In fact I like my hair how it is, it’s not overly long and it’s not TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) lenght. I feel like my hair is at a great place where I can learn what my hair needs and what it reacts to the best.

Pocahantas HairThere are two factors that contribute to the length of my hair. (1) My hair has a curl pattern of 4a, resulting  in my curls to have a tight ‘S’ curl pattern. When I stretch my hair it’s almost shoulder length but, in it’s natural state my curls and coils are tight making my hair appear short. (2) Moisture. As you know a majority of African-American hair shrinks when it comes in contact with water. Water and moisture can come from the environment or your scalp, both contributing to the shrinkage you experience throughout the day.

But, shrinkage isn’t a bad thing! NaturalMe4C reviews the pro’s and con’s of her Shrinkage and makes great points.

Youtube has videos stacked on videos on how to stretch your natural hair and you can find all the materials in your hair supply bag right now. Techniques that I know of are bantu knots, banded twist out, banded twist out with yarn (You can do a regular twist-out style, she chooses not to) and what I call a bobby pin stretch out. Naptual85 created a tutorial called How to Stretch a Twist out “Natural Hair” demonstrating how to put in, take out, and what to expect from the bobby pin stretch out. I’ve inserted the video if you’re interested.

How to Stretch a Twist out “Natural Hair” By: Naptual85

Overall, these are the troubles and “issues” I’m having with my curls. Again, I don’t hate my hair and this isn’t a complaint post. I just wanted to share with you the issues my hair has and what I’m doing to fix the issues I’ve listed about.

I hope this helped and if you have any questions comment below or message me here.


P.S. Sorry this Follow Me Friday post is so late. I have so much going on and I just bought a new car. So the week snuck up on me and I was not ready! Regardless I hope you enjoy!! 


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