Monique Girl! Get It Together! What Are You Doing?!

You might not care but, I want you to enter my world for a minute. And let you know what’s going on. 🙂 

Hey everyone,

The last couple of weeks I’ve been scattered brained and all over the place. Either my posts are late or just not happening at all. There’s a simple reason why….I’m stuck. I’m stuck on the nutrients and vitamins post that I started well over two weeks ago. It’s kicking my butt!!!!!

Why do you ask?

If you can’t tell, I like to research my information before I start applying things to my hair and post about it. I spend hours and days getting the correct information and sources together. So everything is organized and easy to understand. After I gather all my information, I start writing the post and edit as I go. For example, I’ll write a paragraph and re-read it several times, and put in the necessary links in before I finish the article.

Once the entire piece is written I’ll re-read it in it’s entirety and edit accordingly. This one step takes me an 1hr -2hr until I feel like it’s presentable. Maybe there’s a few things I’ve missed but, I’ve edited to the best of my ability. THEN, I’ll insert the pictures I’ve taken and found into the correct spots. Preview the post to see if the pictures, text, and maybe videos balance and match with each other.

Now with the vitamins and nutrients post….the research is not going right on some of the vitamins. And honestly, I’m beyond  frustrated because I’m not getting any information on somethings and that just makes me want to quit. So every time I’m look at it it’s like the black hole of all post right now!

So that’s what’s going on. I haven’t quit or anything. It’s just that this one post is really giving me a hard time. But, I want it to be out of my way  by Sunday and up by Monday morning. 🙂 And I hope it’s worth the wait and delays. 🙂

I hope this helped and if you have any questions leave a comment below or message me here.



Image Courtesy of Google Images 

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