Marley Braids….Epic Fail x134!

Soooo….. I tried to put Marley Braids in myself because I went to YTU ( YouTube University) and I took Marley Braid Installment 101. I bought the hair, Eco Styler Gel, I had the time, and I had a line-up of Grey’s Anatomy episodes to entertain me.  I was ready.

I watched Donedo05’s Havana Marley Twists Tutorial Using the Natural Looking Invisible Roots Method tutorial several times and I thought, “I got this! I really got this! Mommy I’m going to do it! Yep! Let’s Go!


Thank goodness I don’t have any photographic evidence. Because, the spacing wasn’t right and the braids weren’t tight…it was just awful. Three of them fell out before I could wrap my hair up for the night and that should have been a sign.

These things took me:

  • 6 HOURS to install
  • My moms help
  • And 4-6 Grey’s Anatomy episodes later

And they honestly looked like a 3 year-old was playing in my hair. It was such a hot-mess and I refused to go to work looking like a child’s play thing. Even if it didn’t go the way I planned or anticipated I learned a few thing.

  1. I can’t do hair. I can do my natural hair and recommend products, techniques, and show you how I do my hair. However, I can’t put in braids or maintain relaxed/permed hair. It’s just not in my skill level.
  2. I’m tired of braids. Shortly after I entered college I put braids in my hair until the end of my sophomore year. Yes, braids makes my life a lot easier but, it’s just to much for me to have braids in my hair again. I think I’ve had to much of a good thing.
  3. I love my natural hair. There are days, weeks, and possibly months where I hate doing my hair. Where I hate putting it in the same style. Where I hate just plain looking at it. After I took the braids out and re-washed my hair I fell in love with the texture, look, and feel of my hair. I just can’t think of putting braids back in my hair. I love my hair. I really do.

I hope you this helped. If you have any questions or concerns please leave it in the comments below or message me here.



Video Courtesy of Youtube

Information Courtesy of Donedo05

Image Courtesy of Google Images 

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