Hello Sweetheart. <3

Good (Whatever time of day it is where you are) everyone!

The semester’s finally over and I have time to do what I love. Write, publish, and talk to my readers. 🙂 A lot of things have happened since the last time I posted.

Photo on 11-26-13 at 10.02 AM

Senegalese Twists

I’ve decided to put braids in my hair, for two reasons. One, it’s winter and I needed a protective style so my hair wouldn’t dry out, break off, and become unhealthy. But, the biggest reason why I put braids in was because I had a class that stressed me out so bad that I started to break out and lose my hair!

Let me tell you something. I’m so mad! I had these braids in for a month, maybe a little over, and they’re starting to unravel and over 10 have fallen out!  They look absolutely awful so, I took them out about a week ago and, I’m going to let my hair breath and re-braid them the weekend before I go back to school. For my FINAL SEMESTER (I’m extremely excited)!

I”m extremely excited to get back to writing about my natural hair situation. 🙂 I can’t wait!


Red Lipstick and a Fro-Hawk.

Red Lipstick and a Fro-Hawk.

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