My Onion Juice Application, Rinse, and Style.

Forewarning: This pictures are NOT CUTE! :-). 

Hey everyone,

Here you’ll find my application, rinse out, and style of the Onion Juice Treatment. I’ve used the the Onion Juice Recipe by This application process was really simple, mess free, and I applied the mixture in less than five minutes.

As my nightly routine I’ve placed my hair in pineapples. These helped my hair from getting tangled at night. However, they were  helpful when applying the mixture to only my edges.

Application Directions:

Onion Juice Application

Step One: Apply the Onion Juice mixture to the affected area(s).

Since the mixture is a liquid it’s easier to put some in my hand and rub it to the affected area. 

Onion Juice 30 Mins

Step Two: Sit with the mixture in the affect area for 30 minutes.

( Don’t I look bored?? And weird looking?) 

After you sit with the Onion Juice Mixture on the applied area you need to wash it out with your shampoo or washing agent. I don’t use shampoo so I used my bentonite clay conditioner treatment.

Helpful Hint: If you’re concerned with the lingering smell of onions on your scalp then hair rinse the area with Aloe Vera Juice. In my hair, Aloe Vera Juice acts as a natural cleanser and it helps removes the odors of products like; mayonnaise, eggs, apple cider vinegar, and onions. Just to name a few.

So try it because Aloe Vera is very beneficial for the body. 

Removal/ Rinse out Directions:

Bentonite Clay Mixture 2

Step One: Apply your shampoo or the washing agent of your choice to the applied area(s).

(On my laptop, I’m watching grav3yardgirl on Youtube)

Aloe Vera Juice Rinse

Step Two: Rinse out your shampoo or washing agent thoroughly. Afterwards spray the area(s) generously with Aloe Vera Juice and rinse out well.

After every wash or rinse I do I always moisturize my hair with Shea Butter (Use whatever moisturizer you choose) . So I applied Shea Butter to my damp edges and placed them back into the pineapples.

Styling Directions:

Shea Butter Application

Step One: Apply shea butter as needed to the damp areas and style accordingly.

Silk Bonnet

Step Two: Place your scarf or silk bonnet on. You’re done!

I left the area I applied the onion juice mixture out because I wanted to “fumigate” my hair so the onion smell was completely out 

I hope this helped!!! If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below or leave a message here.



2 thoughts on “My Onion Juice Application, Rinse, and Style.

    • I strongly advise that you wash it out, because onions don’t have the most pleasant smell.
      If you don’t wash your whole head, at least wash the portion where you applied the onion juice mixture.

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