What’s Your Curl Pattern?

Going natural can be extremely overwhelming and complicated. Like trying to figure out:

  • What type of products you should use
  • What type of styles you can do
  • How much this process will cost
  • How long will it take for your hair to grow out
  • Ect, ect, ect….

Figuring out where to start is one of the hardest part. Before buying any products or trying any techniques start with finding out what your curl pattern is.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 2.46.35 PM

NatuallyCurly.com Quiz

You don’t have to go to a salon to figure out  your curl pattern. NaturallyCurly.com  provides an amazing guide to find out what your hair type is. As well as what products are best for your specific hair type.

To figure out, more specifically, what your hair type is wet your hair, pull a strand out, and match it to one of the curl patterns listed in the ‘What’s Your Hair Type‘ guide. Naturallycurly.com also provides a quiz by the same name called, What’s YOUR Hair Type that also helps you figure out your curl pattern.

This guide and quiz helped me find out that my curl pattern is 4A- Coily Springy and what products is best for me and people with the same pattern. Here’s all the information relative to my curl pattern:

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 6.23.24 PM

Type 4A-Coily Springy Hair

Even though Naturallycurly.com outlines the products best for 4A type hair, I want to go on the more natural side and make all my products at home. My #1 rule is: “If I can’t eat it or pronounce it it’s not going in my hair“. I know it’s weird but that’s just how I am. 🙂

I did some digging and I found CurlyNikki’s Hair Care Tips for Type 4 Curlies guide. This is an AMAZING outline for anyone who has type 4 curls and is just starting their natural process. This article outlines what type of cleanser, conditioning, styling, and moisturizing products will be best for type 4 hair. I’ve used this rubric to build my own hair regiment and it works great for me.

In time you’ll start to notice what your hair does and does not need. And you’ll build off or around the Hair Care Tips for Type 4 Curlies guide. Or you’ll forget it all together. Overall, all hair types need a cleanser/co-wash, conditioner, moisturizing, and styling products.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 3.37.38 PM

Natural Hair Type Guide: What Type are You?

But Monique….I don’t have a type 4 curl pattern. What products can I use for my hair?”  Blackgirllonghair.com has a composite tip guide of all 4 hair types. Natural Hair Type Guide: What Type are You?isn’t as in-dept as CurlyNikki’s Hair Care Tips for Type 4 Curlies but, it’s a great guide for what you should and should not do.

If you have anymore questions or you would like me to do some research for you message me on my Do You Want to Talk Curls?! page.


lip print 4

Information Courtesy of: CurlyNikki.com

Information Courtesy of: Naturallycurly.com

Information Courtesy of: Blackgirllonghair.com

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